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Prepaid Rent (PPR)

  1. Eight days accommodation per year shall be provided by paying the advance rent of Rs. 100,000/- as per the scheme -I and scheme amount will be refunded on completion of the scheme period.
    A 100,000 10 years 8 days in a year Refundable
    B 50,000 10 years 6 days in a year Non Refundable
  2. Similarly, Six days accommodation per year for the PPR scheme - II by paying an non refundable advance rent amount of Rs.50,000/-.
  3. The validity of the scheme period will be 10 years.
  4. On the advance booking facility for the room reservation is available and the eligible rooms during a year can be availed as per requirement in different period or in one stretch.
  5. The person who had taken the PPR scheme by paying the scheme amount, he/she can arrange the room facility /booking to another person or relatives by giving written authorization.
  6. The rent hike in the Devanganam Residency due to market condition will not affect the scheme holder during the scheme period.
  7. The local Tax as imposed by the state and central have to be paid by the scheme holder for the number of days stay in the residency.
  8. The admission period for the above scheme starting w.e.f 01/01/2016 and upto 30/06/2016.
  9. The scheme offer is very limited upto 30% of our total available rooms in the residency.

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