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  • Devaswom Museum|Devanganam Residency Guruvayur Hotel

    Devaswom Museum

    The Devaswom Museum is situated inside the Shree Guruvayoorappan Temple in Guruvayur. It is located in the office annex, near the Temple’s eastern walkway and forms a part of the many cultural promotions of the temple. The museum houses an extensive collection of valuable offerings that have been made to the 5000 year-old presiding deity of the temple. The offerings include temple materials, antiques, musical instruments, mural paintings and other valuable materials. It also includes some unusual items like elephant teeth, rifle and toys. The museum also displays various other items such as the remains and images of famous religious poets like Poonthanam and Melapthur, the precious items that are used to adorn the renowned elephants and adornments that are used in folk arts like Kathakali and Krishnanattam.


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